About the Friedrich Nietzsche Society

The Friedrich Nietzsche Society (FNS) was founded in 1990. Its aim is to promote the study of the life, work and influence of Friedrich Nietzsche. FNS currently has around 200 members worldwide, and welcomes new members with an interest in Nietzsche, whether professional or private. The Society's activities are organized around its annual and biennial conference.

FNS Partner Organizations

HyperNietzsche, is an international research group devoted to the interpretation and publication of the work of Friedrich Nietzsche.

FNS members are entitled to subscribe at a substantially reduced rate to the Journal of Nietzsche Studies. To subscribe, please visit The Johns Hopkins University Press JNS subscription page.

Joining FNS

To join the Friedrich Nietzsche Society, please complete both of the following two steps:

  1. Email the FNS Secretary at friedrich.nietzsche.society(at)gmail.com to request membership. Please specify your preferred name and last name and your preferred email address - one we can always contact you at - in your message. Your full preferred and last name will be your website username.
  2. Pay membership dues by visiting the Pay Dues page.

Please notice that your account will not be immediately enabled - this must be done manually, by a volunteer. We cannot activate your account until you have emailed us to request membership AND paid dues.

Contacting FNS

To get in touch with one of the Executive Committee members, please send an email directly to friedrich.nietzsche.society(at)gmail.com

Latest from The Mole

Members are invited to view the full archive.

New publication by Werner Stegmaier

Europa im Geisterkrieg. Studien zu Nietzsche, by Werner Stegmaier, edited by Andrea C. Bertino.


FNS is pleased to announce that we have a new partner organization: HyperNietzsche. HyperNietzsche is an international research group devoted to the interpretation and publication of the work of Friedrich Nietzsche.

NANS Call for Abstracts

The North American Nietzsche Society has announced a call for abstracts for its 2018 conference at Stanford University on October 5-6, 2018. More information is available to download here: https://fns.org.uk/system/files/NANS%20CFA%202018.pdf

Interview: Christoph Schirmer, Project Manager of Nietzsche Online, explains what is unique about De Gruyter's online publication of the Nietzsche corpus (interview conducted by Dr Jutta Georg).

Christoph Schirmer is Philosophy Project Editor at de Gruyter. 1. Can you tell us about the origin of the Nietzsche Online project? Whose idea was it?